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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Issue : Games : Paroxysm

Just Cause 3 is a game about totalitarianism.

In it some dude comes home to find his country controlled by some other dude who is being a power drunk jerk. So the dude decides to do something about the power drunk jerk, and that thing turns out to be literally blowing the country up one building at a time and shooting people in red, then replacing the stuff that was red with blue.

Real talk that is the whole game. There is a grapple mechanic in there that makes it feel like a spider man video game made by Robert Rodriquez but for the most part that is the whole game. Worst part is that's all it needs to be fun, and it succeeds.

My favorite part about this title is that I love to complain about the lack of diversity in main characters and here is a game full of diverse characters (outside the random CIA Texas boy trope but let's be fair we have a lot of interests in banana republics and some of the old spooks are just like that) and I spent the better part of the game not thinking about it at all. No acknowledging it, really. I guess that's good?

Anyway, I didn't want to point out a game full of Mexicans because I don't think it's... Ok, I have just been informed they are not Mexicans... I'ts just that you live in California enough you just expect everyone that speaks Spanish to be Mexican and... I feel so Steve Harvey right now. Is this what sorry feels like?

Listen I know everybody skips right to the job board and videos anyway so I hope information... Actually no lets just get it out there. Thank you Mei for the real talk. Everyone hates the name Default : Tester? How has no one spoken up about this until now? Is it because I'm a stubborn, pigheaded jerk that can't take criticism of any kind without loosing my butt and blaming the messenger?

Ok, well.. that's fair... Still disagree and can't stand any of you, but that's fair. Ok, so time for a new name, any suggestions? Also JERBZ.

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