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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Issue : Games : Flowey

Undertale is a game about Genocide.

It doesn't have to be. You can play through the whole game and not kill anyone. You can play through the game and kill everyone. You can kill just a few people, the ones it's most convenient to kill. All of those are options.

You will start the game by thinking that you are going to have to kill someone, because the game forces you to fight enemies. The system is telling you to fight in the same way every other game makes you fight, that's just the way the game go.

There is an genius function embedded in Undertales combat system whereby you receive the option to talk to your enemy. Doesn't mean the enemy will talk back at first, most times they continue trying to kill you, but if you keep at it, sooner or later all enemies in the game will return words, and over time stop fighting with you and communicate.

You have a choice in Undertale. That doesn't happen often.

If you like graphics in games don't bother playing Undertale. The game has like, two graphics. that's not a lot, but they stretch them well enough. Also, if you get bored by reading words, again, don't bother. The game likes to talk. Ok, let's toss in a positive. If you liked Warioware, then play Undertale and try and kill everyone.

The game is pound for pound in my personal top 5 games of the year, one of the best JRPG style titles to ever be made, and Flowey... What an asshole. Wow, this is a good year for indies.  It is what it is.

I hope information got into the Overwatch Beta. Oh, and speaking of that let me go ahead and run back my words on Lucio. Yes Lucio is a sad attempt at not being racist, but that bard buff is so viable that the racist-ness is not as important. And indeed the venoms are on a server near you engaging in pure savagery. I wish an n-word would. Shouts to DJ Xyanyde for the Mercy assist.


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