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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Issue : Games : Lucio

Nope, Nope... I just don't get it. I really don't.

How does this keep happening? Why does it keep happening? There had to be a discussion around this. There had to be a meeting called where the designers and the writers and the brand managers and the producers sat down in a room together to green light this guy. And for it to get this far every single on of them said, "Eh, this isn't gonna be at least a little suspect."

Ok, wait, let me back up. There is this game coming out soon. It looks fun. It's called Overwatch. It's like, TF2, well, it looks a lot like TF2, but there are other things to it as well. It seems fun, and it is fun, I have played builds. It's fun. Ok. But.. they recently introduced a character.... Lucio. He Black, he on roller skates. He uses some kind of fuckin' boombox. Man, this can't be life.

I get it, it's not that big a deal, but it doesn't seem that hard. DON"T USE TROPES! JUST DON"T. We have T.HAWK. Coletrain. Goddamn... Every minority video game character ever. Maybe designers think they are exempt. Maybe they are. I don't know.

He has dreads. He feels Brazilian. He seems super into Techno. When he unleashes his special he says, "LET"S DROP DA BEAT!" I may be over reacting because that's how black people always talk. I say that like three times an hour.

I'm tired of this shit. Video games are a gigantic waste of time and I have begun to take them way to seriously. I mean, this guy is fun and flirty. He is outgoing, eccentric, and his move set is in line with the core game play. I need to lighten up.

Anyway, check out Overwatch when it comes out because it's not all racist. I think. But now that I look at the character designs closely, well, shit.

I hope information is on the run. It's not like there isn't reason to be. November is coming sooner than we think. Also hang in there and also JERBZ.

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