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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Issue : Games : Curleh Mustache

So many gaming event's during the holiday season. So many places I am not. Damn interwebs changed everything. Well that, or work, or life. It probably is how it used to be somewhere, dark rooms, sticky floors, flashing lights, and energy of the new. People still gather, fun gets had, but that anonymous divide between game players and the physical bodies of game players increases every year, that shit is happening.

There is Dreamhack, and that's good, there is the PAX series, and the Cons, and the E-triples. And all of those are good as well. But they feel like holidays. Check it, you dress up, people come from all over, you eat drink sleep and game (notice I didn't say shower). Then poof, a memory in a scrapbook, cards for the kids, and anecdote, A moment.

And here, let me put on my rosey glasses for a sec... But that arcade tho! it was there everyday, it was local, it was dynamic, it had an untenable business model when faced with the new era. But hey, whatevs, Things are so much easier now.

People give the fighting game community a looot of shit for what goes down in those Vann Damme esqe Lionheart ass tournaments, but one thing is for sure, when you sit down next to your opponent, look him in the eye, shake his/her hand, and then go into battle, the gravity is different. The "W" feels a bit more important. Shit gets real. Yeah it's cliche, but whatever. And shouts to IFC Yipes, putting another Curleh Mustache tournament in the books as of this writing.

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