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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Issue : Games : Odysseys

I have no idea why people act like trapped in the closet isn't the greatest single piece of thing ever. Oh, not a fan of R. Kelly’s two thousand part series about rachetness and spatulas? Liar. Take it as a comedy, take it as commentary, or take a drink every time he repeats a lyric, doesn't matter. It’s all magic, it’s all mystery.

Just wait until you hit the age of bad hips and social security checks. All of your friends are dying of old age instead of whip-it induced falls into vats of poison, and when you ask your kids what they saw on Broadway last night they say, Cats. But they really went to see trapped in the closet, the musical.

Oh yeah, I am supposed to be talking about game related stuff. Project green light might be waving the fee, IGN is going on the ho stroll, and Nintendo may have been using child labor to make games for kids. Hey, remember that part in trapped in the closet where Sylvester and James are rolling around with the gun and accidentally shot Twan?

Yeah, overtime is definitely getting to me. Also, jobz.

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