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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Issue : Games : Haunts

I was watching one of those shows about famous singers that judge people that want to be famous singers a while back. It was the one where there are four famous singers sitting backwards in king chairs, and there is a person that wants to be a famous singer behind them singing, and if they hear something they like in that wanna be famous singers voice, they press a button and Viola! That person is all the sudden a famous singer as well.

That is life in a nutshell, methinks. the young getting the ok from the old to sing. We all have something we want to be. Don't lie. Most have been thinking about being that something for a very long time. We just don't believe that something is possible, or plausible, or responsible. It's failure, or the prospect of failure, or the expectancy of failure, or all of the above that keeps us from perusing it.

It's that damn need for validation we all have, but work hard to pretend like we don't have. It should be good enough just to sing, but it's not. Searching to close the "it's not" part of the issue runs you right into the possibility to fail blocakage. There are many ways to fail. Never trying being the most common.

That's how I see the indie gaming world, that's how I see the whole sing for your supper thing. Just people finding new ways to put their stuff out there in front of the veterans and public that decide if what they are offering is worth the offering.

I think the draw to that show is those wanna be singers having enough balls to just get up on stage and belt on out. Maybe they are singing to the famous singers to get famous as well, maybe they are singing just because it's a platform to sing on, maybe they are singing because they have nothing left but singing. It's all goody, the songs get sung, time gets had.

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