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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Issue : People : The Walking Particles

Telltale games should be proud of where they went with with the walking dead. The game feels like a true extension of the comic series, the tension is palpable, the characters relate-able, the situations forcing  players blood pressure up and keeping it there. Where the hell did this game come from? And how dare it be so off the meatrack without a press push that makes people tired of it by the time it releases?

Robert Kirkman should also be proud. The game itself smells of characterization residue built from the simple broth of Invincible, and made gourmet by plating it in a way that makes you give a damn about what the survivors go through. What happened to that kind of stuff?

AMC should be embarrassed. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't cobble together a show better than a comic book and a five part video game point and click adventure. So there are two smug worthy bastards for the week. Mr. Kirkman, and Proffesor Higgs. Last week a crackpot theory, this week handshakes and apologies. That has gotta feel good. Also, creative heads jobs are in.

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