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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Issue : People : Sodium

Evo, the premiere fighting game tournament of the world, is underway, and yeah, that is happening. This what it's all been building up to, question mark. The qualifiers, the smack talk, the runbacks, the stream monsters and footsies, beam cannons and whatnot.

If you are an old timer and like me and decide to get all voyeuristic this year, don't be surprised if the fighting game world has changed, because it has. You may only recognize Alex Valle and Ryu.

Not so much has changed though, it's cut from the same wrestling cloth. The high drama is there, the funny acronyms in front of the funnier names are there, the lingering doubt that any of the hits are on purpose are there, but don't worry, they are. Take comfort in the fact that if you drove your x-box live skills up there and plugged your controller in, you would get mopped.

Street fighter 4, Soul Cal, and KOF happened yesterday, and today, Marvel vs. Capcom. I suggest you take a peek, because these days a Las Vegas ballroom in summer is as close as it gets to the arcade environment of old.

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