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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Issue : People : Dust Trails

Dust 514 is an upcoming console based first person shooter from CCP games. But a couple interesting things make this upcoming first person shooter different than other upcoming first person shooters, with the exception of them not being from CCP games.

The first is that the title will be free to play, seemingly not so much of a revelation considering that free to play games have been running on the about every fifteen minutes bus schedule lately, but more so in that this game will probably not fit the model of its ilk. For one it looks expensive to make, two, it seems a lot of thought has gone into game features you don't have to pay for,and three, with no disrespect to most f2p games intended, it looks like it will continue to be fun after the first few go rounds.

The second interesting thing is that the ground war will take place and be directly connected to CCP's flagship title, Eve Online. As in player actions in one game will affect the political and economic well being of the other, cross pollination, if you will. Also wartime stuff transfers as well, a good example being "Orbital bombardments," a situation that occurs when an Eve Online spaceship fires upon a designated ground target during battle. Daaaaamn!

It's not often a game builds laterally, and even rarer a game builds in any other spacial capacity by having a baby. The only thing they could add now to sweeten the pot would be ground based trucking lanes, to make my space to ground all in one smuggling dreams come true. Also, Jerbz.

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