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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Issue : People : Juanito

Tropico is a game about local politics. In it you play a dictator dealing with either providing the people with what they need or you with what you want. The trick is getting them basic infrastructure early, food, clothes, medicine, then working your way up to casinos, strip clubs, and hot air balloon rides. I mean you could choose to go with colleges and wind power, but them shits are slow burn returns and that palace statue ain't gonna build itself.

Whenever I get the hankering to play strats I work my way up by route of Command and Conquer to win the ground war --> Tropico to opiate the masses --> And Civilization to keep the party crakin' to the sunset.

And by party I mean two weeks of strat games which is barely an ironic party. But hey with the second screen I can watch full seasons of shows while I play, and... c'mon they can't all be fps's please don't judge me.

Anyway, Tropico 4 is free this weekend which also might be ironic and... oh yeah garages! If you play build lots of garages, pay the dock workers and builders a fair wage, and social security is a must or its not going to go well for you later in the game... trust me on this you don't want to spend a whole day on a build only to find that out.

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