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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Issue : People : Small Buisness

Issue Summary:
America is broke. This state is a result of a complex system of decisions and events occurring over time that add up to bad spending. America has also run out of stuff that only it can do, as other countries have caught up in terms of doing things like agriculture, technology, movies, and everything else.

Step to Reproduce:
To repeat this state a country has to be around for a while, and be spending money it does not have on things that are not the people. Another way to get here fast is to invent stuff and truly believe that someone somewhere else will not be able to improve and profit from what you made, instead of expect and encourage it.

Expected Results:
The people are broke and angry again, and business are a bit closer to broke and panicking. The entertainment industry is panicking in particular, because of the internet. The internet has the entertainment industry scared because they are beginning to realize that the internet has been quietly outsourcing the United States only true unique natural resource, the constantly evolving culture of a diverse group of people. We have never been the smartest lot, or the kindest, but we have always been the freshest.

America plays Jazz, the world is playing jazz a few years later, america decides to rock a fitted cap with a sticker on the bill, oh look what they on now over in Barcelona! Angelina Jolie is a world famous actress, Aishwarya Rai is an every country but America famous actress. America has always lived on the cutting edge of entertainment but for the first time in the history of our country, America is falling behind in swag.

QA Observations:
The Entertainment industries idea to turn off the internet will be the nail in the coffin for American swag dominance, putting the American entertainment industry in danger of becoming an isolated and boring niche market, as the world will soon tire of dealing with our bullshit rules.

Youtube has recreated Vaudeville, and in that rebirth it has become a conduit for American small business. Dancers, singers, actors, and comedians circumvent the entertainment industry by posting directly to the public, and live quite well off advertisements and individual purchases of their intellectual property. I think that is what has the entertainment industry angry.

But what they may not realize is that Youtube has been keeping our country on life support, giving opportunity and motivation to kids that have no idea what their talent is worth yet, but are brave enough to roll the dice and show it to other people anyway, with the added benefit of not having to deal with A&R gatekeepers, who's main concern is how to monetize it, or distill it for the demographic they believe may want to pay for it.

Unless the American entertainment industry figures out how to play nice with the internet America will get really boring, when America stops entertaining and inspiring other countries, our usefulness will expire, and we will become the assholes that are just assholes, no longer funny and interesting assholes. Assholes that are just assholes and nothing else are fair game, they are no good to anybody. Also, the entertainment industry really really doesn't want it with the internet, but if they keep knocking on that door soon it will be open.

Fact: You cannot win an argument against the internet. Just give it what it wants, let it keep what it makes, leave it alone, and it wont bother you. It might even help you out if it likes you, the internet can be very random at times, but its heart is always open to help out an old friend on the ropes. Happy new year.  

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