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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Issue : People : Conduit

Friday the 13th: The Game is a game about convolution.

I have a friend who's job is to make friends with the internet. On any given day her home screen is Tweetdeck, a second PC dedicated to Instagram scraping, a tablet for Facebook, android for messaging and G+ alerts, and a laptop to create report decks, as all relevant information is to be reported on every twelve hours.

Her worst nightmare is a wildfire post happening while she is asleep. A wildfire fire post is a negative post that goes viral. Not much you can do about that, people gotta sleep. Just kidding, you set phone alarms to wake you up.

When a wildfire post occurs it's her job to raise the banners so all departments may assess and address the risk. It's a hard email to send, I imagine. It's like contacting a parent to let them know everyone thinks their kid is ugly, to which the parents reply, "Well, go tell them my kid is pretty and smart and buff." And she has to be like, ok.

She get's a lot of shit in meetings due to being attached to a phone, retweeting and liking and nudging. Nudging is when a person makes a comment on the internet in an attempt to lead the conversation in the desired way. It's a thing.

One day I asked her if she ever interacted with the internet like a regular person would. She replied, "Nah, I treat this thing like any other opiate." She then returned to her salad (A Ceasar with no dressing, who does that? Psychopaths, that's who. It's just Romaine hearts at that point) as if comments can't be terrifying.

A kid in 2056 who enjoys spelunking will run across the greatest crowdsourced speculative fiction book ever, written on social network parchment.

I hope information enjoyed Mrs. Hill's soundcheck. Asshole:) Thanks to team #Soundset for the hospitality. Also JOBS.

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