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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Issue : People : Atomistics

Dishonored 2 is a game about usurpation.

So NASA dropped their EM Drive paper and that shit is straight fiiire. Almost close to kelvin as my mixtape.

Ok, let me back up, an EM Drive is an electromagnetic propulsion system. A propulsion system is a machine that uses thrust to push an object forward. All things that go zoom and vroom got some kind of propulsion system in them, but what sets an EM Drive apart from other propulsion systems is that instead of using fuel it bounces microwave energy back and forth inside of a cone shaped metal case to push an object forward. Next level shit.

It if works it could cut a trip to Mars down to like seventy days. Crazy.

The only issue is that EM Drive technology shits on Issac Newton's third law (spoiler: It doesn't) which states everything must have an equal and opposite reaction. For an accelerant to produce thrust it has to push something out the other way.

A human eats a burrito a stank do-do is coming no matter what. The EM drive doesn't poop in traditional ways, and nobody quite knows what's going on.

The science community has been shitting on EM drive tech since Roger Shawyer proposed it a couple decades ago. Roger doesn't seem to be tripping that it's taking a while for the science community to catch up to his schematic.

The rule of science is that everything is a hypothesis that should constantly be challenged. But when hypothesis' from stars like Aristotle, Einstein, or Newton get challenged by some no name bum from Wukka Chukka the human tendency to believe the most confident voice in the room comes into play.

"Who is this person and why are they questioning what we have agreed to know?"

Then, invariably the universe shows it isn't what you think it is.

I only care if Robert's right because I need us to hurry this shit up. We are so close to a Cyberpunk dystopia in my lifetime I can taste it.

First the roles of corporations and government merge until they are nearly indistinguishable. Check. Second, we need an emulous and malleable citizenship that is almost completely technologically dependent with a majority of that population being technologically illiterate. Yup.

Then comes the new tech that completely changes the rules of engagement, then comes the singularity, then comes me not having to deal with these goddamn sword and sorcery games that are getting old as shit. There is the whole... collapse of civilization thing. I'm not into that. Yeah, that may be a problem. Alright, I gotta rethink this.

If one more information DM's me talkin' bout I need to be getting residuals from Ubisoft for them stealing my likeness and swag for Watchdogs 2 it's gon be some dread head n!@@s in the lobby. Also JOBS.

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