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Monday, May 2, 2016

Issue : Games : Red Herring

Hay gurl have you heard there are transvestites in bathrooms trying to rape people? I'm scared but I'm glad this is what we have decided to talk about for some reason cause I have been having my dick out in there for the longest and I would have never known this is something to loose my shit about until it became a national discussion.

Like an idiot I thought women were more worried about the men outside of the bathroom in a bar that are 90% more likely to rape them. And men, well, we stay checking for penises in there so not much has changed in this heightened security climate. It's all fun and games until stuff like this happens. Makes me understand why people look at me sad when I'm overseas and say I'm from here.

Anyway, might as well talk about video games.

Battleborn is a game about exertion.

I don't know. It's fun, it's from Gearbox so if you like Borderlands then you know what you are getting into. I'ts trying to do a lot, maybe too much. I played the beta for a good while and didn't remember any of the twenty five characters names. I didn't connect with the world, I didn't care why I was doing what I was doing. Felt relieved when I stepped away. I said the same thing about League of Legends when it came out, and look how right I was there. That was a hot fart.

Alright, well that is literally it. I hope information doesn't expect me to bring a PC to Dreamhack. Laptops bruh, I got those. I hope 2MEX recovers from that close call, gotta get myself checked out. I'm up to a pack of sour patch kids a day and I like my foot. Also Jobs.

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