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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Issue : Games : Disruptive

Doom is a game about... Demons in space... And the Rock was in the movie... yeah I think that's it. I dunno.

So it's the end times, and I say that because we have reached a day where Microsoft is making good decisions with BASH on x86, Xbox = Devkit, cross compatibilityHoloportation. And Popeye's is bringing back the Bonafied Big Box. It's like a singularity of office buzzwords opened in Seattle to birth the ultimate synergy. A whole new world.

Oh sorry, I was talking about Doom. I'm playing the Beta now. It's cool, more like Quake than OG Doom multiplayer but I don't say that in a bad way. I'm actually having fun. Is it strange seeing that Bethesda splash across the opening cards? I'm legit asking.

Anyway, that's about it... I don't have much else on my mind. Oh wait, shouts to DrAKz, and yes I am aware this blog sucks and it's pointless and shitty and yada yada yada.

Here's the thing Korben Dallas, It's a thing I do for myself and the few friends I have. Most people I know of that read this thing have worked with me in the past. For eight to twelve hours a day they were forced to hear me behave like this in real life. Some days were so hard all I could give anyone was a laugh in the hallway.

Nowadays we are all so busy and scattered. With this blog they can pop in to chill, have a laugh, and catch up with their one buddy that never grew up and is into weird shit. But by far the most important thing is the jobs link at the bottom, everything about this project is just toppings for that because layoffs and setbacks happen a lot in gaming and I always want my friends to know I'm there for them.

Never meant for this to make a buck or to ever be more than it is, and as long as they poping in I'll keep it up, because if my foolishness brings them even a moment of reprieve from this waking life than it's more than worth it. And for what it's worth your Reaper is waaavvy. Also Florence and the Machine in Final Fantasy? This truly is the end times. Also Jobs.

The Protoculture Mixtape : Issue : People : Synergy

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Issue : Games : Injustice League

Damn, tough hit Mr. Affleck. You tried, you really tried.

Can we call it? Time of comic book movie market saturation critical mass, plateau, and ultimate backslide into terribad at uhhh, what time did Batman V. Superman launch?

We've seen the last minute slide in of awesome, A.K.A Deadpool, and now we continue to allow them to shove every comic book property they can dig up down the pipeline until the idea of seeing a "comic book movie" on day one is laughable.

So what's next? Hollywood has milked this cow dead, and will move on to the next thing with the chance of making a buck, this is known. Nothing can stop that until people learn to stop paying money to watch things they know are made to take their money and not challenge or engage them. Not to say that comic book movie don't or can't. It's just the understanding that the movies will not be close to the source material, which once again is what made Deadpool so awesome.

I have always wanted to see a Secret Wars, Infinity Gauntlet, or a Civil War play out on the screen. What I accepted though is that the screen can not do a property justice based on how may balls are in play. For instance if a "House of M" film series wants to use all of the characters in the "House of M" comic book series, they are fucked from jump street.

Fox owns some, Disney owns others, and Marvel is just happy to be at the table so they allow whatever director, ex producer, cinematographer, and writer that is interested in the project, has a solid name, and some background and tests well in geek culture, not comic books mind you, to work on the project. After all this you get what kinda might look like "House of M" from the comics if you squint, but it's not what you read.

Ok, so that may be where we are now. What's next? Video Games are next.

It's been on the plate for a while. Games franchises have just enough story and history to be ripe for the pump. Assassins Creed, Uncharted, Last of Us, Mirrors Edge, WoW, Grand Theft Auto. It's not that Hollywood takes any of these properties seriously (Maybe Last of Us and Uncharted) as works of art with a world who's story would benefit from the canvas port. It's that these franchises get butts in the seats, they know enough industry people would be interested enough in the projects to get them green lit, and video games are officially not going anywhere, and they also pose a threat to movie production, so why not make them movies as well?

Then why not buy the companies that make the games, if not owned already. Classic kill em with kindness. It's all setup, ready to go as soon as comic book movie fatigue reaches it's peak. So stand by, gamers, gonna be a lot of groans, and Hollywood folks incoming. Let's show em some good old fashioned gaming community hospitality, yea?

Anyway,  Such is life. I hope information understands it's not Bens fault. He really does like comics and want what's best. Zack Snyder though... Man... I just... Cmon man... Also Jobs.

The Protoculture Mixtape : Issue : People : The Scenario

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