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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Issue : Games : What's the Point?

Stardew Valley is a game about horticulture.

The game is basically Harvest Moon. One guy made it over the course of four years, that's impressive. It's a "cool" game now, so I decided to play it because Polygon told me to. I'm gonna quit it soon, have better things to do with my life. No I don't.

I'm out once I catch the yield from these damn rare seeds. I wanna see what they are. And I might hit a few more floors down in the cave for this adventurers guild bump. Also I have eyes on Robin, but she lives in that carpenter house with Demetrius and I don't want to step on any toes. I think I might kind of see where Penny's head is at, something about teachers...

Yeah I'll do all that, and maybe build a scarecrow and then I'm done. Silly ass game. I love it.

So wait, China banned all shows with "deviant" subject matter? So that's gay stuff, titties, assorted sexins, and reincarnation? That's cute, China. Still feel like that kind of shit flies these days? I thought the Tencent thing was bad, but oh you got more. If you as a state are really that dumb then more power to you. America is basically an oligarchy now, word to Jimmy C., but even we get that some stuff can't be put back in the box.

People want what they want, and regulations only strengthen a black market where you make no monies and have no control over how bad it gets. Don't trip though, The USA is more than happy to provide air drops of gay sex, titties (possibly bundled in with the gay sex), violence, and Bible stories to the desperate citizens of China who are probably torrenting all of that shit as I type this.

I hope information isn't super pissed about the customs thing. Sorry Poland, that's on me I'll eat that one. Also, hey Conor how did that whole "Fuck Stockton" thing work out? Also don't give up kiddo, and don't listen to them they are wrong. First songs for you, a reminder you have family right behind you till the end. Also JERBZ.

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