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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Issue : Games : Gesticulation

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a game about Catharsis.

Aren't you bored?

The worst thing about the 90's, 2000's, and now is that the general public stopped dancing, singing, and telling rotten jokes. I'm not talking about enthusiast dancing, or professional dancing. I'm talking about regular folks just getting up and dancing like an idiot in front of people.

Now that people have the internet, which is a bran to brain way to express, it appears we have forgotten that the body needs to move like it needs air, water, food, and to poop. Maybe normal people don't enjoy the prospect of being laughed at, maybe they are scared of being turned away from the pack, maybe the bullies are winning. I don't know.

Rugged individualism always leads to conformism, because people get scared. So they herd together, and agree with each others ideas, and the ideas get duller, and drabber, and the colors get earth-tone, and the editors decide they are writers and the writers decide to hell with it i'll keep it to myself, and then you have a world where everyone lives in fear of offending some imaginary person that doesn't like it when they are happy. Cool.

Persona 4 : Dancing All Night looks dumb but it's a great game. Persona is a great series in general. Check it out.

I hope information stops talking my ear off about Bernie Sanders. I know the dude is a legit civil rights living legend. I know his bro-mance with Killer Mike is super cuddles 100 stack emoji. He just looks like a grumpy adjunct community college professor that was over it so long ago he forgot why he was over it. And also how are you gonna cry about career politicians and then this? Oh... ok I see. Also JERBZ.

The Protoculture Mixtape : Issue : People : Ramen

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