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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Issue : Games : Sham

Inside is a game about The Impostor Syndrome.

In the game the... Wait a second let me back up cause information just sent this over... So New York wants to ban sex offenders from Pokemon Go? Hold on I'm not sure I understand what is happening here. I mean, cool, I'm down with banning sex offenders from everything in a kids gravity. Rock and Roll.

Systemically it would be easy enough, in no way. But easy in the meaning that it's possible. Nothing's truly easy. It's called a sex offender registry for a reason and the ban hammer has existed since the dawn of fuckery. Just a bunch of names on a list, those names and account info show up in plat, flag goes up, cross em off. Bet.

Gameplay side you would have to delete spawn points for these addresses but I don't have access to the backend and that's maybe a Google maps thing as well so I don't even know what's possible there. Also that's deleting or masking or manipulating things from and on the internet which has impossibly scary implications from a civil perspective.

And should it all come to be, that would totally not stop unregistered sex offenders in any way, or the creation of boofer accounts, or like, the perverts could just walk to the park where Pokemon and children be and candy van them there. I dunno, this seems pointless and stupid, as well as treating a symptom and not the disease.There are a bunch of moving parts to this situation that are absolutely uncontrollable from this approach.

The NY State Government has no way to enforce this ban, the precedent for this drastic a measure hasn't been established. And is it a ban on the game? It's Ninantic's game and they are a private company. Will the government pay Ninantic for all the extra work they would have to do? And this is actually about AR. What about the games coming up? How does this ban scale? And what about... oh wait shit this is an election year, video games are the classic scapegoat, Pokemon Go has peoples attention, and this is about attention.

Wow, every year with the same bullshit. Games are Charlie Brown and politicians are Lucy with the football. Information, I'm sitting this one out. Wake me up when the election cycles over. Also, Inside is one of the best games of the year, real talk. Also, Jobs.

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