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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Issue : People : Relict

Enter the Gungeon is a game about letting go. Of bullets.

In Enter the Gungeon four adventurers descend a castle searching for a fabled gun that can kill the past. Must be nice. Think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but with, you know, guns. It's a multiplayer bullet hell rogelike. I know, none of that should work together but it does.Sometimes life's like that.

So here's a fun story that happens to be part of my everyday waking life. One of the homies happened to be working on this game called Baldur's Gate: Seige of Dragonspear. The game launched to salt concerning the writers decision to include "Social Justice" issues into the game.

So the company gets the business from this "community" who felt some type of way over "distracting" representations of  real life human beings. Their team has been getting the usual hate in the form of death threats, misguided dogma, and all the other old jazz standards. Here is where the story turns up. Another "buddy" of mine get's in touch, awash in rage that Beamdog would engage in such agenda pushing through their video game.

I just.. I don't get it. It truly breaks my heart when people think I'm on any other side of this "Gamer Gate" thing than everyone gets to play. I have been doing video game things for a long (correction: short / medium time. Sorry video game elders) time, and the whole time I have haaaaaaaatted the gaming community majority. Entitled, spoiled, feral, jerks. Why would I condone omitting or diminishing anyone?

I have been spending every waking day of my life in the video game industry beating on the same drum, that we are obsessed with repeating the mistakes of other mediums. The stories we can tell and the people we could represent if only we could just let go of some things... I know that earns me a lot of labels and cold shoulders. Don't care. It's wrong, it's been wrong for a long time, and we need to change it. I'm down with whoever is willing to step up. Everyone else is living a different kind of life and I feel for them.

Anyway, I hope information takes note of the greatest CV ever. Next level stuff. Also Jobs.

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