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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Issue : Games : Insert a Synonym

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Beware that, when fighting monstersyou yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

Westerado DB is a game about vengeance.

Gunslingers were the Crips of the old west. Imagine the terror a rancher felt seeing a group of cowboys riding up to his homestead. He knows he is in the middle of nowhere, law enforcement would never get there in time. And if they did, who would they side with? Should their intentions be bad he is the only thing standing between them and his family.

Who would a homesteader have to be to address whatever threat was rolling up? Seems a shame we tell the rustlers story and not the ranchers more times than not. Westerado is a great story because its both in the same person.

It's a great game, has this oddly satisfying combat system and open world style that makes you forget the graphics after the first couple objectives. There is some unknown big bad to find who is revealed through descriptions of the townsfolk. How you obtain that information is up to you.

The games good, you should play it.

Anyway (What? Yeah that's it. After a CES like that I've earned a phone in) I had a few questions on the subject so I hope information is clear on my stance.

Bill Cosby is not my dad, I'm not the one betraying black people, he is, as well as betraying all men. And for the record I didn't like him and his pedantic confused pretentious bullshit dogma before, now I  lament the legacy he could have left. So yeah, fuck Bill Cosby and if you are down with rape fuck you too. My office is always open for feedback. Also JERBZ.

The Protoculture Mixtape : Issue : People : Insert an Antonym

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