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Friday, January 15, 2016

Issue : Games : Her Story

Her Story is a game about narrative.

I never learned to spot a liar. I always felt allotting time to sussing out a lie less efficient than sorting out what someone wanted. I figured lies to be only shortcuts a person uses to get to what they want. I figured a lie and the truth are both going to the same place, one just takes longer than the other.

Up until my current job my best test bed for this theory was independent pharmaceuticals. Everybody wanted the same thing, they had different names and containers, but it was all basically the same thing. It would be a cold foggy morning near the first or fifteenth. It would be a park, or a porch, or a random slab of sidewalk near an industrial neighborhood. There would be shuffling things around, they would pass by once or twice, they would approach and ask for a light, and then the story would start.

"Wife just left, I figure I got nothing to live for," "It's not for me, I got a big party going on tonight and I just want everybody to be chill," "I can't afford med's and I'm not gonna get any better, this is my last option."

After the first couple of days you never overtly ask for a backstory. A simple "How you been?"can establish a rapport that is hard to walk back when they wind up short. They begin to just start talking, about the weather, about the bus ride. I was the type of guy to love a good yarn so I indulged them, besides, outside of sunflower seeds and comic books I had nothing else to do.

It was always the same story, Man In Hole, which was sad. The man out of hole portion was supposed to happen when I give them whatever they happened to be looking for. I knew I had a whole bag of "Hole," and was not the person to be telling any story. I was a vending machine, it would be a better endeavor explaining roaming charges to a Verizon customer rep.

But hey, I figured they needed, it, I had the time, balance to the world. One guy had the best story, he believed that he was born in a crack. I felt I knew where he was going at the time and I let him know I appreciated his mother as well. He corrected me and let me know that he had been born in a fissure in the earth and the warmth the products give help him survive the harsh over-world environment. I feel like Her Story is a great game, I feel like I had a better ending to this story.

Anyway, Hope information is enjoying the vodka and Shchi! Sup Ruskies where you been? Also I have no idea, but I know it ain't gonna be at Ibaza, shit's expensive! Also speakers are expensive also invoices also JERBZ. ...Ibiza, have I been saying it wrong this whole time?

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