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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Issue : Games : Another One

A seasoned drunk will hear many conspiracy theories.

I think I heard my favorite recently. The theorist was convinced DJ Khaled is a tool of Islamic radicals. He believes DJ Khaled's idioms and catchphrases to be secret code used by radicals for recruitment and coordination of attacks.

In response I posited that he may want to rethink the idea that Islamic radicals and DJ Khaled would be in cahoots only because Islamic radicals would consider DJ Khaled the physical embodiment of Satan, and Islamic radicals are a direct threat to DJ Khaled's four pillars of existence, money, drugs, loose women, and pork.

And while I challenged the involvement of Islamic radicals I did agree that DJ Khaled was pushing a coded message out through his shenanigans. No matter what one thinks of his lifestyle I feel all would agree the man is an experienced and successful radio personality. Repetition is day one stuff in pop entertainment and the man is masterclass in his discipline. He knows people want provocative, sex, and outrage, usually in that order. So that's what he provides.

That being what it is, after a while imagine Khaled got bored of repeating the same old hip hop themes which basically equate to "money=worth," "celebrate ignorance," and "no one else matters."

So he thought up his own themes which include "Don't let them make you feel worthless," "you are smart," and "you can succeed and I want to help," which I think are better than the alternative.

He cloaks these gems in ignorance because that's what one group accepts, and the other expects. He hides the medicine deep inside the cake. Which makes it go down easier.

The conspiracy theorist had to double down on a Bill Cosby was framed theory which meant it was time to say goodbye. I wont call the man guilty before a trial but I have to question why the U.S. Government would force him to joke about it on TV. I

Anyway, I hope information watches the Netflix show Making a Murder to confirm Amy and I's opinion that it's one of the best things to be made in the last twenty years. I'll toss this link on here for convenience because you will be looking for it when you finish. Also JERBZ.

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