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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Default Tester : Issue : Games : Twitchy

Twitch is a streaming video platform. TV for video games.

It was created by this dude named Justin Kan. Around 2007 Justin just started filming himself and putting it on the internet. Nobody knew what was up. Some figured it performance art. Some thought it a revolution, the future of reality television. Most saw it as the apex of narcissism. They were all right.

Opinions didn’t matter though, because people watched. A lot people. Y Combinator took note and angel-ed Justin. He in turn shut down his stream and re-launched a network of thousands of channels. A universe of people brushing their teeth and playing bad acoustic guitar.

After a while the universe collapsed into Twitch, 24 hour video game channel. People play video games and other people watch. People could be doing anything in front of that camera, but they choose to play video games, and people choose to watch. That’s how it goes.

Jimmy Kimmel is a TV host.

He used to be a comedian who dealt in observational comedy, black comedy, satire, and deadpan. Now he is mostly a TV show host and producer. You may remember him from The Man Show, Win Ben Stein's Money, The Andy Milonakis show, and Crank Yankers, or the Sports Show with Norm MacDonald.

Jimmy Kimmel had a hard time understanding people watching other people playing video games, and said as much on his television show. The gaming community lost it’s shit, and let Jimmy Kimmel have it.

Jimmy Kimmel has always been a great troll, and a better troll profiteer. Gamers have always been great troll bait. Watching these two forces at war has always been great television. Everyone played their part, did their job, and in the end it’s all just TV, and viewers of both camps were entertained. Job well done Jimmy. You prick.

I hope information picks up SOMA. The game is the real fuckin’ deal. So good. I also hope information learns to process an invoice because that is important. E-mails have that red flag in the upper right corner for a reason. Peter goddamn Pan. Oh wait the feud was with Youtube gaming? Oh, ok what’s the difference? Also JERBZ.

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