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Monday, September 14, 2015

Default Tester: Issue: Events : Sea-Tac v.2

PAX Prime is a marketing event that takes place in Seattle.

Wizards of the Coast bought the sidewalk across the street from Washington convention center. A giant tree bursting from a store window, Lamp-post in one hand, cop car in the other. The guys painted at three thirty in the morning under the light of an internally powered faux streetlamp. looked expensive.

Bandai-Namco erected a blood fountain in the foyer. An undead knight knelt over a corpse, vertical streams of black bile from the poor corpses chest. Homie from Bandai Namco says it takes 4 big rigs to move that thing around. It needs it’s own pipework system. They don’t know what to do with it after the game launches. The struggle, man. Have a great show.

Dreadnaught owned necks, gave out light up necklaces. Mega 64 made a killing in hats. The black top red bill with white graffiti style Kanji. 30 bucks a pop, seemed like every other kid had that on.

No company expects to make money at PAX. The booth space costs money. The booth builders cost money. Employee travel costs money. Models cost money. Product costs money. A licence costs money. Booking locals for post event activation's cost money. Time away from development costs money. 

But it’s more expensive when no one knows who you are.

So people get creative. Example. Most of the cosplayers work for the company. The money is actually in eyeballs. Its easy to tell who is working for who if you stand in one place long enough. You notice a lot. PAX badges have no names on them. Exhibitors have pink on their badge. Attendees have blue. The people in blue shirts are called Enforcers. That kind of thing.

Through a fun-hose mirror PAX can resemble a celebration of lockstep disguised as a celebration of individuality. A deluge of commonalities under the veil of "out there." Burning Man with swipe cards. It's not true, the place is actually exactly what is on the tin. Or maybe it's both, but the only people that see both work for Fun-House incorporated.

Either way works for me because when the floor opens and the kids flood in happy and safe and engaged in shared bliss, what the fuck is a couple extra bucks for a blood fountain? Depending on the state you easily recoup on taxes. PAX could be a day shorter though. Fuckin'. Fascists.

I hope information takes this as evidence I'm not dead yet. Would I really have the foresight to pay some rng to type up some random shit should a certain amount of time pass. Psh, stupid. Oh also Is Lyft or Coffee from Seattle? I feel like it's coffee. And what's up with everyone going to Japan? Oh also JERBZ.

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