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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Issue : Games : Delict

Rainbow Six: Siege is a game about purgatory.

I like the game. It's a tightly crafted team-based shooter with clear action RPG hybrid roots. Beauty lives in that moment of quiet terror when four communicative and cooperative players are finished setting up defenses, mindful that the enemy will come from almost literally anywhere. It's a sliver in a timeline of violence that had yet to be recreated in video game form, the elegance is undeniable.

I don't think Rainbow Six: Siege is a complete game. I think its only as respectful to Tom Clancy's source material as it needs to be to please his estate. I don't think there should be a game about war with no context. But the game is fun, and games should be fun. What the funk do I know?

I don't think Rainbow Six: Siege is going to dethrone the current multiplayer kings, and it has no single player component worth talking about. So where would the longevity live?

Imagine having to replay the same violent fubar over and over again every single day. With little to no context as to why you any of it is happening outside acknowledgment of some amorphous "threat."On a treadmill, no end to the war in sight.

That's all Rainbow Six: Siege has to offer, the same choices played our marginally different but always leading to the same end. I wouldn't imagine anyone would want to go through that for long, if given the choice. Best part of Rainbow Six: Siege is you get to play for a while and then let it go. Unfortunately that's not  great business model, but such is life.

Anyway, I hope information provides a daggon programmer worth a fart. I swear the easy shit is the hard shit and vice versa. Got my blood pressure up... and my knee been acting up in the morning on account of this weather... And these kids today...I'm not old. Also JERBZ.

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