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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Issue : Games : "An open letter to Preston."

Fallout 4 is a game about war, and war never changes.

Or so I thought. Bethesda throws a lot of new shit at you right out of the gate. Ok so I'm at the moment of impact, ok so now I'm hella far ahead in the future, did that n!@@a take my kid? Wait, I have to build a trailer park, so this is Fallout Shelter  now? This is fuckin... EQ Landmark? This is Rust? The fuck is going on?

And Preston... Man... listen. I know the minutemen are important to you, but how are you gonna just dump all of this on me after we just met? That's some bullshit Preston, call me general all you want, I just told you my kid got kidnapped and you are over here asking me to carry your water. Self esteem bro, find some, you can do this. Oh, and stop judging me over everything I pick up. I need a new goddamn cooking pot, the fuck it gotta do with you? Just watch my six and keep that bullshit to yourself.

Fuckin' can't stand Preston. Anyway the game engine is old and it's still buggy as shit. Put a follower in some power armor, up your sneak, and you have a Terminator at your side for the whole game. Doesn't even consume power. That's what should be done if you don't have scruples. I on the other hand play straight up, huddled under a ladder, out of bullets, cramming dandy apples into my mouth because I walked into a far dungeon with low inv and no idea what I was getting into.

I could barely stop playing the game to write this. I am absolutely obsessed. I will never forgive Fallout for doing this every single time. Being the best AAA of the year despite itself. Well done guys, very well done.

I don't have anything to say about France, only tears to shed. My heart goes out to them and the folks in Beirut, it's just... The psychos and zealots are making it clear that they are pure bad, no chaotic neutral in the mix at all, and they gotta go. War never changes.

I hope information is safe. Rue La Fayette squad, Please Please Please use Facebook check in. Please be ok. Also JERBZ.

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