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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Default Tester : Issue : Games : Oblong

Abyss Odyssey is a game about dreams.

A warlock falls asleep and dreams this chasm with monsters coming out of it. All types of Guillermo del Toro shit. Naked bald dudes and centaurs drawn on acid. It’s bad out there and some Army with Civil War reenactors have decided to do something about it.

So they pour in the crack and here comes this rapier fighter and this cloak thing made of dead Civil War reenactors fighting alongside them to get to this warlock in order to wake him up, I guess, or kill him, but they are part of the dream to, so… he would have thought them up too...So he made them to kill him? Are they some kind of alarm clock? I don’t know. Shit’s crazy.

The game is color and flow. Harry Clark style lines, spirituality through a stained glass window. Combat is smash meets Street Fighter with bells and whistles that hug originality.

It’s an Role Playing Game. There are things find that will make you stronger. There are things you find that will make you faster.There things you want to buy and things you want to sell. There are keys. There is Mana, you might use it.

Level design owes Castlevania : Symphony Of the Night a beer. Progression is a choice. Three parallel collapsing boxes stacked to the basement. The room below you is easy, the room below that is only kind of hard. The room across from that is a root canal without novacaine.  

Atlus made it, so you know it’s adorably broken.

There is this mechanic in the game where if you “die” a civil war reenactor will take your place. Sometimes the reenactor will for some reason “get lost.”There are moments when your character is jumping onto a ledge and sticks. There are times when hit confirm gets confused. Most other times the game behaves.

The game is worth around two hours of your time. If you haven’t seen all the things there are to see by then, you probably won’t want to. It sounds mean, but some games are movies, some games are TV series’. This game is a movie, and that’s ok.

I hope information understands the longer you are in the more you realize you aren’t going to love video games all of the time. Sometimes after work you think about playing games and throw up in your mouth a little. It’s natural. Doesn't mean you lost love or faith. Just means you need to take a breath. It helps, trust me. Also, hope TwitchCon pops off. Congrats guys, that's big.. And also JERBZ I guess.

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