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Friday, April 17, 2015

Issue : Games : Live On

OnLive used to be a service that allowed you to rent and demo games without actually purchasing the physical media. It's kind of like going into a store and purchasing a bike, but instead of riding the bike home the store keeps the bike on location for you, and you are thankful because your apartment is too small to fit the bike, in theory, or, you might want to buy hella bikes, and then where would you sleep?

All of the games were stored on the big, scary, cloud. Real talk, the cloud is not so scary, it's kind of useful, but for some reason it's still cool to not know how things work, and when people are scared it's easier to find a reason to laugh then to understand the scary thing. s'all goodie.

Anyway, OnLive is dead now and I'm wondering where all of the people's imaginary stuff went. Ok, to keep it 100 stacks emoji the people rented all of the stuff, it was never theirs to begin with. But they did subscribe to the service under the idea that they rented stuff but had ownership in the warehouse. It's like paying for social security your whole life only to find out that there is no security in old age because the nation is bankrup... you know what, never mind.

What was I talkin' bout? Oh yeah OnLive. Well... here is the thing. On Live has been dead since 2012. That is when they fired everybody, killed the service, and then reanimated the corpse and called it On Live.

Actually OnLive has been dead since 2009 when they announced at GDC. Nobody saw worth in the business model or the delivery method. Said it was gonna be laggy and the whole service was too dependent on local stank-butt internet providers. And in that... wait, why the hell am I talking about this? Oh right, I'm talking about this because Sony recently bought OnLive and immediately took the service behind the woodshed, shot it, chopped it up, and sold it's parts. Why would Sony do this? Because they already have Gakai, and they felt like proving a point.

What happens to digital media when the holders of the media have a bad day? More important, how responsible are they for the situation they leave you in? All I'm saying is if you pay for something, make sure you actually own it, because things fall apart. Such is life.

I hope information is playing GTA V on PC cause everybody else is. I haven't played the game yet but I might give it a go this weekend even though I think the series a shallow and lazy and pretentious and overrated blorp-fest. I put that on my momma. Also yeah I know we need to get a better job board system, maybe targeted posts, maybe facetime? I dunno, we'll figure it out. Also, where the hell is everybody? Where am I? Long story. Check in. Also Jerbz.

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