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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Issue : Games : Anatomy

Nintendo is going through some shit right now. The struggle is common for this industry lately, good times and bad times. All of that. And for Nintendo it seems that they are on the ropes almost every cycle. Other companies drop that spade down on them and say, "Ooh, we got ya now!" But Nintendo always seems to come in at the 11th hour with some magic doo-dad that saves the company, and then people pretend to have been with Nintendo all along.

But this one seems different, this one seems like the sweet old company that only cares about games is actually dying. And the reason it feels like that is because it is. It sucks, but that's just how these things go.

And you say,

"Oh no Jerminey, you are just a hater that has given up on the believe train! Shame on you, you false prophet, you zealot, you super buff, black ass, big lipped, pull up champion of the written word, and dreams.You tough talking rouge, who hides his heart of gold under that gruff exterior, as well as a very above average penis. You goddamn stand up guy. You black hamster, you, the man the other men would call the man, if only they were man enough. You, with the hearts and souls of the people hanging off your silver tongue, a champion of the vox-populi, spaghetti maker, lover, fighter, and glistening god of hypertext transfer protocol?

For you to give up on the sacrosanct architect of our childhood adventures is to see the last pillar of this waking life truly fall. There should be no Christmas after this. For as it is written in instruction manuals of old, To abandon Nintendo, is to abandon hope's last breaths."

And I would agree with a lot of what you said. But I would also go ahead and throw this truth in your trash. Nintendo is the last video game company born to be a video game company, well kinda. This passing of the guard has been in the works since 1994 when the Sony Playstation rode into town. The Magnavox Odyssey was born to die, Commodore, Atari, Sega, Zenimax, TurboGraphix, Neo-Geo. Know why? Because they all could not afford to live. Sony has a diverse portfolio, so does Microsoft. They can tank a few systems for a few years. What else does Nintendo do again? A lot of people don't remember how the Gamecube was received, or the N64, or the 3DS, or the Virtual boy, or the power glove. anymore. And if you can't swim in negative revenue streams, then you bound to drizzown.

Yeah, take a good hard look at the passing of the last Titan, the new gods got em good. And also, if you were wondering, that last trick Nintendo pulled in 2009 is what did them in. The old people and party player market will never be enough to eat off. A band aid on a slashed artery. All of the games Nintendo is known for, the easy, fun, and accessible ones, all moved out, along with everyone but the die-hard's that are hunkered down around a handheld system that is honestly putting up a good fight, but everyone sees which way the wind is blowing. Get ready to see both Sonic and Mario on in the same game on some off brand system, wearing high heels at 3am on El Cajon blvd bringing back money for daddy.

Samus and Link will still be around, Reggie will still steer the ship. It just can't be like it was, and that has to be ok. Unless they come with some new magic doo-dad. And if so, disregard this whole piece. Anyway I hope Information blah-blah-blah and yeah could write more but why and also I am gonna become a fishetarian because I didn't know it was an option and also JERBZ.

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