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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Issue : Games : Conventional

Convention is a way in which something is usually done. You know, shoes are worn like this. This is how one would format an e-mail signature. This is what you wear to a funeral. That kind of stuff. A convention can also be an agreement between countries covering particular matters. So something less formal than a treaty, but more formal than a 2:00 am bar handshake.

I don't know why I am talking about this. It's been a while, and no "Hi, how have you been?" Here I am going off on some random shit. Anyway, I am not a fan of convention. Never have been. But I do understand the purpose. An important thing to have on hand at the point of convention, is some form of chap stick. Also, hand sanitizer. It will not save you from getting sick, the odds are too high, but get it anyway if only to stem the tide. Also, don't bring feet, they will not like it there.

Here is a truth about convention: They are never about what they say they are about. If the convention is about peace, the convention is about the business of peace. Sounds the same, but not. If the convention is about candy canes, don't expect to eat candy canes, expect to see images of what candy canes might look like in five years, and actually eat Panda Express on a forklift in the back lot between candy cane meetings. Such is life.

But that has to be ok, because somebody has to regulate candy cane distribution, secure candy cane retail outlets, create candy cane vertical slices and strategic candy cane partnerships to ensure positive candy cane ROI. Otherwise, the candy cane business is fucked. Can't only be about eating candy all day. That's how cavities happen.

Wow this is a horrible metaphor. Were they all this bad? Oh they were? Well, shit. Give me a break I just got back, I'm hungover, and I thought I had a burrito in the fridge but I didn't and now I have to go to the grocery store or starve. So I will be dead soon. Feel bad about that.

I hope information understands how hard it would be to sneak the Thunderbolt GPU away from the fruit ninjas, but not impossible. Also I'm sticking to the candy cane metaphor because bizz turds like me get together to ensure the real Code Hero's stuff doesn't get gobbled up by Agustus. Also, Jerbz.

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