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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Issue : Games : Ice Buckets

It's not weird to log onto the internet and find everyone doing the same thing anymore. A couple days ago I hop on and see people pouring buckets of water over their heads, and you know what? I didn't even care. I accepted that people decided to film themselves pouring buckets of water over their heads, and that is where we are in life now.

I didn't dismiss it in some grumpy old man way, even though I am a grumpy old man and have the right to do shit like that. I didn't turn my back on the idea that it's a fun, inclusive thing to do, and is probably serving a cause or some other form of greater good. I dismissed it because, I know I can close my eyes, open them a week later, and people pouring buckets of water over their head will seem like a wet dream (I stand by that pun). People pouring ice cold buckets of water over their heads is just this weeks Jam.

Also, it's easy to let this one go, because pouring ice cold water on ones head is by far the safest Mensa academy group-think adventure that has happened in the last few months. Let's hop in the wayback machine shall we?

Remember the cinnamon challenge? Fun! Remember right now when the pass out challenge was a thing? How about that dope trend where everybody decided to set themselves on fire? Remember getting mad over how america treats black people for a week, and then everything snapping back like a rubber band until the next incident? Me too!

There should be a lot of schools of thought on this. The Darwin people are probably loving life right now. The protectors of a free internet people are shrugging their shoulders. Everybody else is waiting in line for their 15 minutes. I really, really don't have an opinion, and don't feel I need one, because all of this is being recorded.

The future can look at this data and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their ancestors were fuckin' fun loving scamps glamoured by the iridescent light, or, they can look at this data and know that their ancestors were so bored they would literally set themselves on fire to get other people to pay attention.

Either way, the internet is working as intended. Can't find the bug. Time will tell.

Hope information stays safe. I joke, but it's because I don't know how to be angry responsibly. I know that. There was a river there once, by the way. I'll tell you about it sometime. Also JERBZ.

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