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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Issue : Games : Flower-Con

Flower Garden is about being in a garden doing garden shit, I guess. It’s one of that new crop of games that aren't really game’s proper. They are “Interactive experiences” where the gamification is basically you trying to figure out what's going the fuck on for two hours then telling all your friends how great the game was because you are scared they will think you simple for not getting it instead of boujie for enjoying doing nothing which is good now, I guess.

There is a jet-pack situation you can activate by pressing the spacebar which allows you to fly high above the garden world. I don't know what to do with that information, so you take it. Flower Garden is a dollar store version of Flower by Thatgamecompany. It is what it is, doesn't mean it souldn' exist. 

I told LL I would write something about the Comic-con adventure. The thing is I... uh... one, don’t remember much about it, and also it’s too soon, and also lawsuits, and also that's a sad excuse. I should have just done it that day.

Comic Con is an interactive experience I walk away from thinking it should be more gameified, thinking there is some win-state to the event. I always feel like I know what it is supposed to be about, then that something changes. I used to think it was about celebrating comic books. Yeah, no. I used to think it was about connecting with like minded friends. I don’t know, sometimes. These days I imagined it about creating exciting activation's for business initiatives, but alas, nope, the people pretty much do that for themselves, or don’t. Doesn't matter, they still buy shit and that's all my dark brood care to feed on.

This incarnation of Comic con is a garden you walk around in, and enjoy. Shit don’t mean much, but it doesn't have to. It’s about the flowers, and the jetpacks, and being at the whim of the wind. The people that get pissed are the people who want it to be what it used to be, in our control, which it is just not anymore. It's about the plants and not the garden. Whatever, one less thing.

What am I doing here, some flower metaphor or something? Man, I don’t even know…. I warned you I am not giving a fuuuuck for a bit and I can't write about real life things that are actually happening in the moment because what becomes of the system then.... WHAT THEN DAVAUGN!!? 

Anyway, I hope information chokes on that clam chowder and the sourdough bowl. Shit wasn't even right, everybody knows that's my Jam, I miss it tuurribly. You don’t do that to people, Snapchat. Also, for the love of god I dropped the ball on filming the show, I know, my bad. Also any locals of the QA clan currently on vacation and looking for a super solid gig ping me, it’s gonna go fast so be quick. Sorry, salty vets only, no nubbers. Also JERBZ.

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