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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Issue : Games : Infobahn

I don't hide the fact that I operate in the real gaming world, making substantive contributions to the industry I love, out there walking my talk. I truly take great pride in that. I don't hide the fact that I do extra circulars from time to time, simple networking, information brokering, recruitment. Super legit, above board stuff, for real!

Don't think they don't know. I would not get the jobs I get any other way. No one really gives a shit, trust me. To them I'm just another lifer with some weird shit internet persona. I hope it is not surprising how many of us do.

Every once in a while someone will walk up to me at an event or break room, lean in all conspiratorially, and say "Hey, so I heard about the thing... how do I get involved?" Or, "Hey, that weird blog you do, what the fuck is that all about? It's like an, ironic, diy, subversive, thing right?"

Well let me clear all that up. This is just some weird shit, fuckin' bullshit, dumb, angry, ranting, manifesto. A terribly spelled, this side of gawker media, piece of shit blog on the internet. It's badly played three chord and puts on no airs of anything else. Sometimes it plays to empty rooms, sometimes to packed houses.

Sometimes the band is on their A-game, sometimes the band shows up drunk, sometimes the band don't show up at all. People throw bottles when they like what they are hearing, and when they don't like what they are hearing. It's loud, sloppy, simple, expression. The chords haven't changed since the start. Everything is not ok, we deserve our version of happy, and if you don't like that, fuck you.

Hope that helps, because I forgot what the diatribe was about halfway through.

Anyway, that Shadowrun DLC is legitimate. The Berlin campaign is doing everything right so far. Between, this, Wasteland, X-Com, and the new Fallout on the way (don't act like that is a spoiler) we may be in the dare I say it.. post fantasy, sci-fi ascending era... can it be? No more goddamn wizards and dragons? What, there are dragons in Shadowrun? And magic? Yeah.. shit.

I hope information doesn't get shot. Sorry bro, war sucks. Who knows, maybe people will come to their senses and allow the diplomatic process to cont... hahahahaha j/k, don't drop the soap n!@#a. Oh also all you Yay area upwardly mobile jerks need to go ahead and get this community service over with. It's a hassle, on some dangerous minds shit, but whatever it's worth it. I'll roll with if you want. Also I will never leave the house again, also JERBZ.

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