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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Issue : Games : Brockular Smiff

Look, First off I want to let you all know I am going to be phoning this one in. Not like the usual way I phone it in, which is pretty much every time I do this. But this one I will be phoning in hardcore, like one of those text where you write a detailed message with action items and a solid question at the end, and the response is just, "K," or some other type bullshit.

Y'all ma'ufukas keep asking me about this VR stuff, and my opinion hasn't changed. It does not matter who has the office keys, the tech isn't ready for this type of discussion, fervor, or money being thrown at it yet. It's mass industry dementia, it's the creators trying to drive the market. It's trying to make "Fetch" happen. It's a bunch of writers on a movie set.

And to head it off at the pass, no I am not hurt over VR tech, no I do not have some kind of thing against Facebook, and no I do not feel like Carmack shamed his dojo or jumped from frying pan to fire. Listen, I don't have a horse in this race. We'll... I do have a work horse in the race. And maybe a personal horse, like a small breed pony, at most.  But as a wise man once said, "I'll take any mothafuckas money if he givin' it away!"Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet.

But here is the thing. Everyone is out of the room, its just you and I. Would you buy this technology as it is now? Have you seen this technology first hand? What types of games can it play? Is it going to play movies? How do you want to control what you see on screen? Would you like it to be like a TV? Is it a game console? How does it fit into your everyday life? Can you see the product roadmap? What do you really know about this thing, and would you buy it, no matter who brands it?

Probably not many answers to those questions at this point. So who cares who owns it?

Sorry bro's, but you all don't know what you want from your anointed system, and if you don't understand why this deal was made, you don't understand what it takes to make this technology a reality. You are all acting like a bunch of fucking babies, honestly. It's not a good look.

But if it makes you feel any better, the big fish that are jumping into the pool are dumber than you. They can't answer those questions, and better yet, they have yet to realize they have been on full tilt for the last four years. Example, Remember when camera integration was going to be a big deal? Remember when watches were going to make a comeback? Remember smart glasses, and ARG, and how cyberpunk was totally going to happen today because if you invest enough money in it and market it hard enough it has to. Yeah, no.

The only thing that can drive new tech, is pure, simple, need. Also availability, also want. The people dictate all of that, not the companies, or how much moneyz you throw at it. And all the money in the world ain't gonna convince enough people to strap some heavy ass goddamn headache, fuckin' vertigo inducing contraption on their head for longer than an hour, tops. Let alone buy the thing. Unless it can tell a story, unless it can enrich a life, unless it can take you someplace you want to be, someplace you remember, someplace you miss, someplace you would spend any amount of money to return to.

Facebook accumulates the collected images, words, and memories of planet Earth. Think about it, really think about where they might be going with this. Hint: It's about more than video games. It has always been about more than video games.

I hope information bounces back from the recent big hit. I have seen it happen, but never so sudden and so stealth. It's a goddamn cold world. I'm down to get back to the strip, gotta get Doc Brown over crunch though. Also if you think you see me at Pax East don't just sit there staring all weird and shit. Matter of fact walk up to any black person you see a say whats up. Odds are good that it will not be me, but that shit will be sooo funny, and you will have made a new friend. I mean, what are they gonna do? Beat you up? Maybe, but I'm guessing it's not that serious. Also go f@#!k yourself. Also, peace be unto you. Also, JERBZ.

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