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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Issue : Games : Scrum

I feel bad for comic book people. They talk like they have had their festival snatched from them by the same bullies that gave birth to the artist in them; origin stories. But in between breaths you can hear how much they don't want to admit that it's larger, and feels good. They are still around that cavern in back of the main hall, full of old dusty tomes, a place the confused wander into from time to time if only to say they covered the whole floor. They are buying and selling and bartering, a noble folk clad in silk screen samurai and flame, chain wallets, ponytails, and old green van sneakers that kind of point up at the toe.

All us creeps swim in the same water, some dive deeper than others. Like an engineer must have a foundation in physics to do his job, a Film nerd must have a background in literature to do his. I major in video games, she majors in post industrial tech-step, he's really into cars. It's all the same in that nobody gives a shit, except other people who give a shit.

And therein lies the paradox of this new world where everybody is encouraged give a shit about everything for a day. It's the Cinderella situation on a schedule. Halloween for your wanderlust. The tribe that sells things to other people did a very good job of making sure that this new reality is indeed a "Celebration of Geek Culture!" I'm good with that. It's fun, it's inclusive, it brings in monies for everybody. I get it. I just feel bad for the comic book people, relegated to the back. They look like Jesus at Easter, confusedly watching all the kids crowd around a rabbit.

Most don't even show anymore, the others come to people watch. There are tons of other cons for them now, even more fragmenting the imaginary and transient target demo, some of those cons running the same days as this one. Sup with that?

It's fun, It's fun. I usually slide in on the last day to buy stuff and chat with artist weirdos from jobs past. I'll let you know when I'm down there next time, promise. Those crowds, you know how it is. Anyway, I hope information got enough material to get through the summer drought, and JERBZ and whatnot.

The Protoculture Mixtape v. 168 Issue : People : Veneer

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