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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Issue : Games : Jaegar

I am going to say this, and then not say anything for a while after I say this.

Here is what I want to say, I get it, you are an adult person with an adult job and are obviously way too mature and shit to watch anime anymore. It is an embarrassing part of your past and you would be mortified have it slip out at a dinner party that at one point in your life you were like, one internet armscye video away from a Ranma 1/2 cosplay.

And in true dark knight fashion hero has become villain. You now walk around shitting on anyone displaying childlike wonder past a defined age threshold, nose held high, surviving on a diet of NPR, Modern Family (love that show), and  Family Guy/Simpsons. Getting judged for what you enjoy sucks, and you are doing what you have to do to "make it" in the "real world."

I get that. shh, it's ok. Bring it in for a big bear hug, that's it.

But also, fuck you and get over yourself as soon as possible because Shingeki no Kyojin is the greatest thing to ever happen to eyeballs and if you are not watching it you have no respect for yourself or your dojo. It's about... you know what?

It's maybe about giant babies that are also old dudes with creepy smiley molester faces that eat people, ok?

It's maybe a metaphor for humanities frailty, and how in dire situations people become the monsters. Maybe it's about badass zipline sword fights. I don't know! Don't worry about what it is about right now. I have seen every episode at least twice and still don't quite understand what the hell is going on. But I know it's awesome. I know that.

Just get there, and also check out Devil is a part timer. It's funny, poignant, and doesn't take itself too seriously. We should all take notes.

I am sorry about what I said about you at the jump. I was just excited. You is... I played Deadpool. Wow High Moon, shit load of bugs in there. I get it though, you only had about five QA guys on the title and you fired most of them months before launch. So, that happens. A lot of grey's, and that battle system is archaic. Pop up combos where the the mob planks? Game is funny though so, there's that. Also did a full pass against A Firelit Room. Super elegant, should have worn a top hat and monocle for that craftsmanship.

Really though, Attack on Titan. Watch it alone, hide it under your bed like a porno magazine. I don't care how you do it, just watch it. The young you will thank you. I hope information remembers that time we threw a bunch of apples at that bee hive pretending we didn't know what was going to happen to us. Also, Jerbz.

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