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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Issue : Games : Calamity

I don't know man, I just... I can't, I can't.

This feeling in my gut is most certainly schadenfreude in another dimension. But not in this one. I wear the dispassionately curious gaze of  Mr. Wonka as he watched Augustus fall face first into the chocolate river. The distant echo of courtesy cautions reverberating through sound stage as Mike Tee Vee leaps in front of the camera. In reality the company in question is behaving more like Veruca. A Bad Egg.

There is a generational segment of me that loves this shit. Loves the vitriol the internet is spewing at it's new/old hero turned heel. Over the last couple of days I have had to come to grips with the fact that I never got over SEGA. These two new cats, pretenders to the fucking throne, have been trading blows over the gravesite of my sworn house for years now. I almost began to believe them invincible. Some part of me wanted this to happen for a long time.

If you really think the console wont sell or that this is the end for them then you are on bath salts and need to calm down. This is just a big hit. But for Steambox, Nvidia, Apple, this may be the on ramp. To see one of the titans stumble over their own hubris may not be good for the industry, but for us kids without a country it's all of the awesome. Its the bully getting beat up.

Sony gets credit for pulling that Sun Tzu shit. They stepped back and let the enemy defeat itself. It wasn't long ago they were in almost the exact same position, must have learned something. Good for them. We still ain't cool on many levels, jihad is jihad and all, but, not bad.

In this reality my heart goes out to Major Nelson, who has to look the angry proletariat in the eye and evangelize the choices his company most certainly didn't make in another dimension. But we live in this one, and it tis' what it tis'.

Here is the thing about making new friends: The choices that you make to appease new friends almost never fall in line with the choices needed to keep the former happy. It's a common way to lose the former, unless you are the Wii. And life is about making choices. It's all very dramatic really. All very high school lunchtime brawl. But then again, we make video games for little kids. What the fuck do we expect?

I know why you did it, I know what gods, old and new, you attempted to appease. And there is something to be said for the courage it takes to step forward in that. But wow, "You got knocked the fuck out!" Ya did, it happened. Don't make a big deal out of it. At least you get to fight another day.

Good news is that there is lots of new work out there because of the launch crunches. All this chaos means growth. That's how growth works. Hope information has been grinding XP in LUA and Unreal 4. TC, you are loved and all that mushy shit. Please get better so I can finally return your comics. And also JERBZ.

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