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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Issue : Games : OTM

Dino D-Day is a game about what would happen if World War 2 and Jurassic Park decided to hang out. It's a TF style class based shooter. You have your normal classes, soldier, medic, velociraptor. There is some back story to the game, I think. Nazi's teamed up with smart dinosaurs, them Nazi's be tripping.

There are the classic team deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill maps. A weekend of free play went down, I think there is about 50 more minutes of it. I don't know. There are, like, 20 textures in the game. Some of the dinosaurs can pick up goats and throw them at people.

Dinosaurs can also pee on enemies. That's cool, I guess. I'm sorry guys, I don't know what else to say about the game. I wanted to talk about Monaco as well, but seeing how this went I am not going to.

I haven't even played it yet. Well, I have seen and played it about ten thousand times since 2010, but haven't unwrapped it from plastic or downloaded it through a pay gate. People think video games, just, come out. They don't. They are like babies, babies that sometimes take five years to get birthed. That's painful.

The guy that had the Monaco baby is local, and is also an indie guy. Well, he is an indie guy that used to be programmer # 120323 at this other place. People also think video games are a thing that pretty much anyone can do or decides to do if you drank and drugged through your twenties with no solid direction. People also think that if you wan't to make video games, once you get hired onto a video game company, then well, you made it.

Spoiler, they aren't, and you haven't.

Here is the thing (cover your ears kids) about dreams, most people aren't specific when it comes to describing their dream, and are type horrible when it comes to pursuing them. When people say they want to make video games for a living, they are talking about the video games they like to play, or want to see made, or have in their head.

If you work at any major house, be you producer, programmer, artist, designer, or quality assurance, you will be assembling games, not making them. The larger the team the larger the chance you will be trolling the floatsam and jetsam of some marketing feedback hive mind with a pool skimmer, placing things here and there in hopes of pleasing some sprint 32 metric sheet. And mom said you wouldn't get anywhere with these video games.

The guy that made Monaco was in this situation, until one day he said, "Fuck it, I know the games I want to play, I want to make the games I want to make, so I will go do that." And that was about it, he quit his stable gig and went to do that. He wasn't rich, he wasn't some loose cannon industry superstar with a chip on his shoulder and a pile of offers on the table. He was just some dude that wanted to calibrate his dream, then go in that direction.

And it wasn't eazy, he almost went broke, lost faith, held fast, sacrificed, the whole nine. He could have just gone back to his major house and called it a wash, but he kept going despite everything in his life telling him to pack it up, like a stubborn asshole. A bit later he started to win like, all of the awards, and his game hadn't even come out, which is a good sign that it would do well.

People hear indie and think it all about afghan scarfs, transient wire frame concepts, fixie bikes, and a golden parachute/safety net combination that allows you to fuck off for a few years while you "find yourself." Spoiler alert, sometimes, it's not. It's about taking a risk on a very specific dream by walking into the desert alone. And if that is indie, then I'm into that.

Anyway, his game is about a group of people that like to steal stuff by way of elaborate heists. That sounds cool, I guess. Also he is a programmer, which makes this game even more surprising  because programmers usually have no imagination at all, and end up making games about aliens with big titties shooting aliens with bigger titties, or normal sized titties. So congrats on the game being really, really, good as well.

How about this, whatever you are doing, if you believe in it and enjoy it, never give up doing that, no matter what anyone tells you. It's worth it, and it will work out. Oh yeah, and pick up Dino D-Day when it comes out, or will it be in beta soon? Man, I really don't know. It's cool guys, you have time. Deep breaths.

I hope information fixes those bugs and passes Xbox cert. Also, This week in gaming. Also, JERBZ an shit.

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