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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Issue : Games : Honey Boo Boo

Ok, so I got some grief for giving the impression that I was a supporter of the evil industry empire last week. Which is warranted, because I am, in my own way. Like I said last week in so many words, Luke needs Vader and the other way round. Otherwise it's a pretty boring movie.

And of course now there is the whole thing happening with the why can't I play the game I bought situation. And that is bad. but here is the thing. There are no less than twenty thousand new titles coming out this month, why is all the press, the gifs, the posts, the scuttlebutt, and the money going to the title that fucked up?

I've seen the numbers, they are great. People are buying the game, just to complain about it, just to be part of something. The folks that made it and the folks that published it are not sweating bullets, they are calmly going about strategy, expansions, and the like. A decent niche world building simulation game rules the news cycle over AAA action casual blockbuster whatchamakilits. Think about this. In what other scenario besides total catastrophe does this happen? Infamy is the new, well, it's still just infamy.

They do the same thing over and over, yet people keep buying. Whatever, it's out of my paygrade anyway. I just watch stuff, can't do stuff. What I can say though, is that the only people that will pay for this situation are the ones who don't deserve it. It won't be the torch and pitchfork crowd, won't be the corner office crowd either. More transitions inbound, to balance the books, of course.

No need for the news this week, this shit seems to be the only thing anybody can talk about. I can hint toward the industry's temperature though. See example A. for how foamy the mouths of pundits can get when they feel the warmth of the consumer's discontent at their back. And example B. for how that newly crowned boy king the consumer behaves when they tire of the messengers pesky requests for something in return.

I hope information is blah blah blah. And jerbs.

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