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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Issue : Games : PS Jetsam

I wasn't even gonna talk about that press conference here but now I am. You know what? I ain't even mad tho. I knew Sony was gonna save something for the upcoming conventions season. Didn't know it was gonna be the goddamn system. So that was part developer conference, part... man I really don't know. It was basically a multi-hour explanation of how and why the next console generation will be the internet. Not PC's mind you, just parts of the internet. That's cool. No it's not.

I saw a couple games in there. I guess, Didn't see any ladies or minorities (Sorry Bungie black dude, I see you, but move your arms or something! C'mon bruh). Or, can we talk about that? Or does it even matter? I'm guessing the system is black, and it didn't show up. CP time. At least Johnathan Blow got carted out, he's as close to a minority as it gets for white dudes in the industry. Someone that wants to make challenging games.

Whatever, nothing can bring me down because the Oscars are tonight, I fux wit Dat statue! Oooh the fashions, the draaaaaaaaaaaama! Who's gonna win? I hope it's my favorite director Suckem' De Nuts for best picture! Winter Brawl is happening. I'll watch that too. And also other stuff.

Alright, the news of the week I guess:

-  LA folks fresh off the EA transition are looking for gigs. Give me a ping if you know of any houses looking for people across the board, a lot of good talent floating out in that pool right now for any enterprising baller ass gangster looking to start up their own indie thing (Looking right at you, SPAZZ1E!).

-  That dude from Canada created a Mod based on a Montreal public transit station, and got a ban hammer hard on the dome from the City over it. I don't know, I mean, it's super sketch, could be a psycho practice map, but the mind can gamify any image based system, so the same could be said for Google maps. Holy shit... Google raps. It's like Google maps, but like, it raps as well... Maybe when you scroll over a business it gives you a little flow like, "This auto shop is really tight/get ya brakes and suspension right/breakit down!" Yeah... That is gold. Whoever want's that, it's yours, gimmie that byline tho!

Anyway, mods are the new terrorist training simulators, so don't be doing anything creative with them relating to the real world unless you want on that FBI grief list. Make Google raps instead.

- What?! 1UP and GameSpy are gone? This can't be life! And IGN still exists (No disrespect, IGN, I have nooo room to talk, but, c'mon... search your heart). There is a tectonic shift in the industry going on right now from stem to stern, if you can't feel the tremors, then check your pulse. No one is safe, not the media, not the first parties, no one. It's not a bad thing, not a good thing either. It's a change thing. The constant by which we all slave. It'll be ok.

- The X-Box 720 announcement is rumored for April. Don't fuck it up.

I hope I choke on glamour tonight thanks to the Oscars. My body is so ready. I am not watching it. Also what's going on in France that has everybody riled up? Did someone invade you guys again? j/k (Did they?) Need big daddy U.S.A. to step in again and flex these ripped mussskelz? No? We aren't the superpower we used to be? Don't have that moral authority anymore? Ah, ok... Well, Jerbz. I guess.

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