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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Issue : Games : I am Alive

I am Alive is a survival horror game about the horrors of survival. The game is set a year after some unexplained event totally destroyed America. A less than silent disruption, like an earthquake or Superman tornado or something. I don't know.

Whatever it was, people were left with limited resources, and a broken social system that can't provide for the many citizens lost in ashen landscape. Things get bad, then worse, then apeshit.

The game begins when this Nathan Drake looking dude shows up at his old hometown looking for his wife and kid. He gets to his apartment to find that they have left the city to find safety, which is smart. On his way out he runs into a little girl that looks like his daughter and the game asks that you equate their relationship to Clementine and Lee's story from the Walking Dead series, which it is not, but it's all good.

Console plebs have been geeking about this game since March, and yeah, now I get it. This game is what Resident Evil used to be. This game don't need dead things to scare you. Everyone in the game is a person desperate for something, unsure of anything, and flawed.

The game forces you to appreciate what you have at all times, be it your breath, a bullet, or a fruit cup. I will not speak on the controls or performance, because you should want to play this game.

Alright, so there you go, the obligatory "Not, dead, just lazy," post. Remember the Sleeping Dogs one? That was even worse. Site changes are still coming, faster if there was more time in a day. New address for the new place, this one ain't changing. Oh yeah, and jerbz.

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