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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Issue : Games : Blood in Blood out

Blood Dragon (a.k.a my Injustice chaser, seriously, I claim to hate the game and it is broken as hell but I cannot disengage. The quarter munching komic book store remora in me will not allow it) is a game about how much mileage you can get off a solid engine and a good memory.

Not good memory as in you are able to remember things well, or good memory as in RAM that should be replaced every 5000 miles. More something that happened that was awesome, and would be awesome if done again. So basically the 80's - mid 90's.

But how does this work? As in, the work of the late millennial have been in the entertainment industry Catherine wheel for a while now. To the point where you are not surprised to hear rumors of a gritty Gummi Bear or Denver the Last Dinosaur reboot. At this point you kind of expect it.

There is a point where they will run out of material. It has to happen. Then what? Executives and producers are bad at identifying original talent now, how about a generation of them raised on nothing but imitation. To the point where they cannot identify the Poetic Justice in Kendrick Lamar and Time Bandits is an off the wall comedy cashing in on the popularity of Tyrion Lannister. Or will they just reboot the reboots?

Will it come to a point where this is it, these are the same intellectual properties we will be seeing picked apart for the next thirty years, and there is nothing to be done about it? Well, it seems easy enough to just, like, take chances on new stories. But... nah, That's so Ravenholm. I say to the point a lot in this piece. It's a bridge, like when a freestyle rapper says "Listen," or "Off the top of the dome." I could have prepared more.

Blood Dragon is fun, though, I was talking about Blood Dragon before right? Yeah I was, ok. It's exactly everything it offers, plucks the best parts of what Far Cry 3 was, and doesn't outstay it's welcome. Which is a great thing. It's better if you have seen They Live. Blood Dragon and They Live's ties are tangential at best, but everything is better after having seen They Live.

If you expect me to say something about... the beach house, calm yourself and no. Also no This Week in Gaming because SpeakingOfGames is lazy (no you are not, sry). I hope information is working on a new manuscript, and also, JERBZ.

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