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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Issue : People : Lanyards

My name was Rommell Trias at the first comic con I ever attended. He was a photographer for some newswire that couldn't make it one day of the event, and a reporter buddy was kind enough to let me tag along with him while he worked. 

His only caveat was that I had to carry around this bulky camera, a cannon something or other, and that I had to pretend to know what I was doing. As in, he would interview people then say "Ok Rommell, get a couple angles, and we are done!" Then I would pantomime what I saw all the other photographers doing and saying, "Head up a bit please?" "Ohh this looks great!" He told me not to worry to much that I wasn't actually taking any pictures, he would throw on stocks if worse came to worse. 

But I learned very quickly that walking around the con with a camera was catnip to floor cosplayers, as they would stop people with cameras unsolicited to take pictures of them. And I would oblige, using the same tactics I learned on the famous people. Only thing is unlike the famous people who couldn't care less what the photos looked like, seven times out of ten the cosplayers  wanted to see the pictures, which means I had to start taking pictures. 

Not that I am complaining mind you, but my buddy treated them like homeless people begging for change outside of the 7-11. "Go on now! GET!" He told me to stop wasting rolls on them because he wasn't getting paid for floor shots, I asked him what was the point of bringing a camera to the stuff he was getting paid for, since he couldn't get paid for pictures we didn't take. He said, " Those flash wall pics never sell, and that's why you are Rommell Trias today."  

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