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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Issue : People : Heliogrinds

TERA, or, The Exiled Realm of Arborea, is an action oriented rpg that can be played with a lot of people on the same server, massively. It came out January of last year in Korea, and May of this year in the states and Europe. There is a plot to the game, and to it's credit, the game tries to pay attention to the plot it establishes for a fair portion of the intro to the game.

As far as I can tell two gods make a world in a dream, then a bunch of races on that world meet each other and get together in harmony to chill and shit, then some island shows up and the races head over there to check it out, then a bunch of no driving ass captains crash on the shores of the island, and then some hot shit elf warrior gets lost on the island, and it's up to you and whoever wants to pay the cover to help get him back. Oh, and wait, the island might be the gods' baby... I just... don't know.

Thankfully the game itself gives up on forcing anyone to act as if the games story was created with anywhere near as much care as it's stunningly fun and rewarding unreal engine 3 based combat system by the time you reach the first npc on the tutorial zone beach, where the creature explains how to navigate one of the busiest user interfaces I have ever seen in a game, a ui so cumbersome in fact, the in game characters must constantly reference it.

The game is coughing up a free seven day trial, which is definitely worth a check out. Also congrats to Voyager 1, almost through the heliosheath, and on to no-mans land. Crazy. Also, new creativeheads jobs are in, check.

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