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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Issue : Regression : Contra Codes

Oliver North is a former soldier that now helps to sell video games. He was a soldier back when times were rough, because Countries didn't like each other much, people were broke and angry, and nobody wanted to talk directly.

Soldiers had it particularly bad because war had changed over time, so instead of running and gunning like soldiers are trained to do they had to step out of their comfort zones and do a bunch of paperwork, discussions, and whatnot, basically nerd stuff that the slick talkers in suits usually handle, which didn't go very well for anybody, because much like bad soldiers in video games they executed a strat that kinda helped them out in the short term, but came back to bite them in the ass later, and poor Ollie got left holding the bag.

But it's ok now because he bounced back and is hustling games. And the game he is hustling now is about the kind of war he likes. Scary robots, guns, cowardly invisible enemies wearing masks that he assures you are out there and want to fuck everything up for everybody and don't want to help anything. And our lone saviors, large men with guns that have come back to shoot the robots, then all the guys in masks, and possibly robots with masks, or large men in masks, or any combination of the above. That kind of stuff.

It's a first person shooter, no surprise there. It's almost as if the new game he is selling was applying a modified version of the "internet forgetting about stuff," rule, to real life. All the signs are there. Egypt is back out in the streets, the world appears to have forgotten that London almost burned down, and where Tunisia and Libya are on a map. Syria is just... it's only going to get worse. And American citizens are going apeshit again, and getting visited for it.

Yup, and here comes a video game to tip tip tip us over into a new summer blockbuster, complete with big tough heroes and cowardly hiding villains. It's almost enough to make you forget who the bad guys are. Shit gets confusing.

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