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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Issue : People : Printing Press Releases

As far as human life has gone there seems to be only two types of world changers, the type you read about in history books, and the type that invented the type of history book you are using to read about the other person. Not a lot of shine goes to the former type, mostly because the way they go about changing the world is boring as shit, just as they live their lives in a way that implies all they care about is what they are doing, and ain't really worried about who's making a big deal about what it is they are doing at the moment.

Take for instance Egypt's new situation and how it came to pass, there you have Julian Assange running around in a limited edition V mask taking admittedly deserved credit for his part in helping the Egyptian people earn the right to vote for the first time in 5000 years, but barely any a news story's got run about the Egyptian people that literally revolted to make that happen, not even a "Thanks for suffering those lock downs and taking them bullets, twice. Glad it worked out for you" The world was all about the build up, as for the reward, meh.

Same with space, everybody got so butt hurt when the government pulled funding for the space program and we made much noise about it, but one rich nerd saw what was happening, turned off his probably floating hologram tv, called up some other rich nerds, and a few months later the first private spacecraft is on rails to dock at the damn space station. Get-ur-dun styleee. And the worlds response? "Ah, pretty cool, nerd, but what are we gonna do about government funding for the space program!?" Cmo'n, Sun! (punny)...

Now I see exactly how a singularity type event could happen. How the whole world could miss the social and technological giant steps that happen in a generation, and how the majority of people that become enduring legend are not those who actually bring these things to pass, but those who sing or dance or say funny or inspirational things.

Actually I'm lyin', I still don't quite understand why it's like that, and think it's backwards and dumb, but I also think it's hilariously funny, in a sad way of course. Whatever, as long as the human race advancement issues that need to get done get done what does it matter who's names are on the bugs? Earth is probably gonna get hit by an asteroid anyway.

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