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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Issue : Games : Heatsinks

Computer people never openly agree on anything ever, but one thing that we all unanimously agree on forever is that heat sink clamps ain't about shit. The whole premise of a Mo-Bo is that it's this delicate city of circuits and components, each a single snowflake to be handled with the utmost care and precision.

And you sit there fussin' for hours until everything is in it's right place, ensuring all of the wires are out of the way and the area is well ventilated, then you look at dem clamps, plastic lobster claws with a retractable penis inside and instructions that basically say "Shove 'em in, twist 'em up, and don't stop till you hear a snap."

Ah man you forrealz right now? I got to go in there with a screwdriver (sike, butterknife, the tool box is way too far away), weave my hand around a bunch of silver diodes and flux capacitors and whatnot, and spin something till I hear a crunching sound, and believe I did not break anything? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Last time I upgraded those clamps did me dirty. I thought I had installed everything right, my card was supa hot fiah, I had 1000 watts pumping pure Alaskan air around like that Forest Gump feather. Shit was gtg.

But for the last two months I would be gummy bearing around Badwater and my rig would just turn off with an over temp pop up on reboot, I checked the usual suspects in bios, 80 degrees?! No, it can't be, my comp was in Hades! I was buggin, everything looked in order but it kept happening, I was trying everything, laying it on its side with fans on top, putting ice packs on it, asking the computer screen what it wanted me to do? It got real lord of the flies for a while there.

Then  one day out of nowhere I decided to open the case, 1 clamp was loose and I had been running on zero thermal compound this whole time. Wow.

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