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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Issue : Regression : Sisqo

Issue Summary:
America is still broke. This state is a result of a complex system of decisions and events occurring over time that add up to bad spending. America has also run out of stuff that only it can do, as other countries have caught up in terms of doing things like agriculture, technology, movies, and everything else.

Issue Resolution Progress:
If I didn't know any better I would think the american government is beginning to enjoy this little piracy song and dance. This whole, curbing piracy by making piracy look like the best option, thing, is quickly syncing with the strip club cycle, which is Exciting--> Depressing --> Funny --> Depressing again --> Regret.

Instead of just letting it go, once again America has observed the grace period for the internet forgetting about stuff, but tweaked their approach. This time doubling down by approaching the entertainment industry hat in hand for assistance in combating the people allegedly stealing from them both using the played out trick of appealing to Hollywood's vanity, in a scene I equate to a Satan/Cthulhu marvel team up. Who gets to be on top?

Yeah this bug is not getting resolved anytime soon so we may as well get started on them all over again. Upon review the issue of america being broke is still about as far from being fixed as it can possibly be.

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