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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Issue: People :Skullomania

A long time ago Saburo Nishikoyama was a down on his luck salesman that agreed to dress up like a skeleton at some carnival, hoping that for some reason this would prove he was an awesome salesman. He liked the attention he got from dressing up so much he decided to go around fighting Street Fighter characters dressed up like Skullomania, or something. C'mon, its a Street Fighter origin story, it is what it is.

Skullomania first appeared in Technictix, and had cameos in a few other titles, but mostly keeps a low profile. He is generally regarded as a tip of the hat to Kamen Rider, who is generally regarded as a tip of the hat to Skull Man. He also has a brother named Shadowgeist,who is fucked up in the head as well, but for different reasons.

Skullomania is sometimes regarded as a troll character in the vein of Dan, Dhalsim, or Law. But this statement is usually retracted when the person saying it comes into contact with someone who has mastered Dan, Dhalsim, or Law. Skullomania diehards have been eagerly anticipating his reappearance, but so far no dice.

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