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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Issue: People: Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a movie about a gang of vampires that live in Santa Carla. The leader of the coven is Kiefer Sutherland and they mostly just hang out around the boardwalk nicking corndogs like everybody else in Santa Carla.

And they were getting along alright doing that until some dude gets the attention of Kiefer Sutherland's vampire lady, so Keifer Sutherland starts doing shit like saying his takeout is maggots, and then when dude looks down he is like "Oh shit!" Later on the vampires decide to just kill him and it gets a little weird, but that's pretty much the gist of what went on.

I thought I was going to get to meet the lost boys when I was a student at city college a medium time ago, but they turned out to just be Africans that called themselves the lost boys. I shared an English class with one of them and we got to chatting after he noticed a Dr. Octagon sticker on my binder. He was a good enough dude, nothing really out of the ordinary about him cept how much he liked soccer.

Sounds like he had it bad back home though. Some days we would take the study session to the cafeteria and sit with his loud ass buddies. The stories they told... holy shit. I mean, I have a heard dark tales of the trap, the grimiest nights on the road, hell I was even tempered in the fire of my hometown psychopaths opus Season of tha Sikk. But the stories they told about what they had to do and see to live long enough to get out of thier own country, just a whole nother thing altogether.

Anyway, long story short I didn't even need that elective to get my general, must have been a leftover when I switched majors. Think I squeaked out of there with a low - mid B, but still it would have been better to not have taken the class at all to keep the average right.

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